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"To make a system stronger,

we need to make stronger relationships."

Margaret J. Wheatley


The What

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The Why

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The How

Let's start with the What

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Increase employees' engagement

Enhance employees retention

  Build communities that last

Create a community-based

marketing strategy for your business 

The impact of a community

on the organization

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'Internal-Organizational Communities' is a new field that has been gaining momentum in recent times, especially since Covid 19.
More companies and organizations realize the need for connection amongst their employees. This results in an added value that is beneficial to all.

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leadership skills
Enhance organizational diversity & inclusion 
employees' engagement
 onboarding & retention

How do we do?

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Consulting for existing intra-organizational community leaders


Your organization has a community, its members are the employees, and your community leaders need some guidance with content, engagement and more.

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Strategic consulting in community building

With my guidance, your organization can create a strategy that translates into an active engaged community.

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Community-based marketing consulting

Your marketing strategy, with my expertise, will include digital communities and community leaders.

Training new community leaders

Workshops & Training

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Training your organization's community leaders to build an engaging community.  For example:

  • The role of the community leader

  • Community culture

  • Gantt chart content

  • Indices of Indications and Success 

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"When the Online and 'Onlife' meet" -

creating an engaging community

This workshop is designed for leaders and key members of the community to find out how to boost the members' engagement by creating a dynamic mix of initiatives, events, and more.

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"The Aware Leader" -

The Johari Window Model for

community leaders and managers

This interactive workshop is based on the Johari Window Model.  By participating in this workshop, leaders and managers will develop their soft skills and experience a new leadership point of view that works from the inside.  

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You're in good company 

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