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 Communities Make Cents
 How to leverage Facebook groups as a revenue stream  


with Dana Sinay

An online, practical 5-module course in which you will get to know one of the most effective marketing channels in the digital world today.
In this course, you will learn a strategic method, marketing writing and how to create engagement and action motivation to increase your target audience and selling.

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Questions that may have crossed your mind: 

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How to turn "likes" into leads?

How to write a post? 

Do I need to manage my own FB group?

No comments. What should I do?

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Why do we need to promote
in Facebook groups?

Increase our digital presence
Promote where our customers are 
Direct contact with our target audience
Widespread distribution to a targeted audience
Personolized Customer service
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Module 1 - Intro

 Social Media - Intro and Basic concepts

 Why do we need to promote in Facebook groups?

Module 2 - Research

Detecting the right groups

Group types

The right place in the right time - Group traffic

Feel the vibe - The Group Essence 

Module 3 - Target Audience

Identifying group members segments 

Module 4 - Collaborations

The group leader - know your partner

Creating a campaign

Module 5 - Content 

The writing Process


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Meet Dana Sinay


Over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience.

Public speaker 

Leading 2 digital communities with

thousands of members and a 94% engagement rate.

Mentoring and supervising community leaders and group facilitators.

Initiating global social impact campaigns.

2019 Power Admin in North America 
Official Facebook Selection

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We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in


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